Where traders have websites and FB pages, their names have been converted into hyperlinks.

Clive Pratt – multiple set specimens of lepidoptera from the UK and around the world

Michael Leigh-Mallory – lepidoptera various UK live specimens and pupae to rear at home

Creatures from the North – theraphosidae and related items

The Spider Shop – theraphosidae, araneae: assorted salticidae and heterpoda, coleoptera, myriapoda, scolopendra

Mark Robson – theraphosidae, featuring T. stirmi CB slings

Curtis Lakin – phasmatidae, orthoptera

David Hill – phasmatidae, orthoptera

Helen Stuart (Bugs B4 Hugs) – phasmatidae, orthoptera

Repxotics – husbandry, theraphosidae, araneae, phasmatidae, gastropoda, myriapoda

Clayton Patilla – husbandry, theraphosidae, araneae, phasmatidae, gastropoda, myriapoda

Fatbob’s Exotics – theraphosidae, terrariums and decor

South West Jumpers – araneae: assorted salticidae

Loach’s Roaches: assorted blattodea

Caine Eyre – New rare phasmatidae (wait for the big reveal), mantidae, blattodea

Tropical Fatory – husbandry and housing

Missfit Plants – viv decor and plants

Paul Grieg Smith Travels – Expedition and eco-touring information

Yikai Zhang – set specimens of a multitude of coleoptera, art work, signed copies of his book and stunning invert taxidermy

Stephen Eddy – awaiting details


Exmoor Zoo – conservation information and info about the work of Exmoor Zoo


Somerset Wildlife Trust


Bugfest – invertebrate handling tables and encounters

Lisa Evangelou – glitter tattoos

Susie Marsh – face painting

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