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The new standard in Entomology events.

Invertebrate sales

Ento-con attracts not only the top livestock traders in the UK and Europe, but is active in involving hobbyists thinking of taking their first steps into the trade, or those who just want to sell a bit of surplus livestock. All are welcome.

Decor and live food

With premier venues we attract the top providers of dry goods, husbandry items, bio-active planting, live foods and invert housing.

Set Specimens

There is something for everyone at Ento-con from the new hobbyist, to the high level enthusiast and professional entomologists.

What is Entocon?

Ento-con is a new concept in ento events. We have everything from set specimens for the researcher, to a huge range of livestock for the hobbyist. Family entertainment for the young to get them hooked on Entomology and displays from conservation organisations as well.

Entocon 2020 is taking place at a new venue, much larger with room for expansion, at Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton. 1st March 2020, 11-4PM

Please keep checking this website for all of the updates as they arise.

We are approaching a broad spectrum of guests for lectures and talks, natural history celebs for signings and guest panel interviews and so much more.

When we have a few confirmed guests, we will put up our guest page, and as the traders sign up, we will be announcing them on the trader page so you know what to expect.

Download the March booking form here

Confirmed Traders

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